Types Of Automated Forex Trading System

An automated Forex trading system uses a software that would monitor and buy and sell trades for you, all of these while you are doing something else. Traders and investors, especially those who are newcomers in the trading market, find it quite useful and provide them opportunities to get the profit that they want and target.

Using an automated trading system is very efficient since Forex trade very fast, based on different political, economic and social factors.  Sine exchange is open 24 hours a day, monitoring is very important.  This makes automated Forex trading system valuable in the Forex trade.

An automated trading system can constantly monitor the Forex market.  It can also be programmed to set trades and buy or sell,  it can stop losses even if the trader is not present.

There are two types of the automated Forex trading system.  They are the desktop and web based systems.  What are they and how they operate?  Let’s find out.

• Desktop- based system

A desktop based system, of course, would require you to use your computer.  Internet connection is not necessarily needed to keep it working, though.  All Forex data and charts are saved in the hard drive of your computer.  It is necessary for traders using this kind of system to have back-up files.  This system is not that popular or preferred among traders.  Why?

This kind of system is constantly under security or virus threat.  Any kind of this occurrence could trigger your software to lose data, which is why having a back-up is a must. Data and charts could be ruined and cannot be recovered.  Other people can also have access to your personal and trading data.

To prevent things like these to happen in your desktop-based system, there are methods that can be done.  If you have spare budget, then you can have a computer exclusively just for Forex trading.  If you cannot afford it, then you can still do additional safety precautions to safeguard your computer and software.

You can regularly update you back-up file.  Make sure to have a password both for your personal and trading data.  Having your trading software password protected is also a good idea. Have you anti-virus and trading software updated regularly to make sure that they have the most recent virus and security protection.

• Web/ Internet based system

With the web-based system, there would no need to install additional software in your computer to take advantage of the automated Forex trading system. Your Forex account would be taken care of a web-based provider. The server also handles the storing of your data, the provider is also responsible in security and maintenance.  For maximum protection, your data is encrypted and at the same time the provider has a back-up copy in case your data is lost.

A good thing about this is that it allows the trader flexibility.  An internet-based system allows the trader to do trade anywhere.  Although, there are some who say that it is necessary to have a high-speed internet connection to maximize the gains and effectiveness of the system.

Just like anything else, both systems have its advantages and disadvantages.  You just have to make sure that the one that you would be using would be suitable for your needs. Aside from that your technical capability and Forex trading style would be factors on choosing the automated Forex trading system you would be using.


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